HNT Hidden Winch Skid 2.7L Bracket Kit | Bronco

  • Required to install HNT Hidden Winch Skid into Broncos with 2.7L engine
  • Relocates OE heat exchanger, brake line and water hose to make room for winch
  • Requires installation of Mishimoto High-Mount Intercooler
  • CNC laser cut and brake-formed steel plate construction
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.



HNT Hidden Winch Skid Plate | Bronco

HNT Aluminum Winch Fairlead

Winch Solenoid Relocation Kit | Bronco 2.7L

Use this kit to mount the HNT Hidden Winch Skid into your 2.7L-equipped Bronco!

The HNT Hidden Winch Skid Plate from Lobo Off-Road provides a high-clearance, high strength, low-profile way to mount a winch on your Bronco without compromising approach angle, front end aesthetics or the view from your front trail camera. The HNT Winch Skid installs into Broncos with the 2.3L engine without any additional items. However, installing it into the 2.7L equipped Broncos becomes a little more involved due to the presence of the intercooler and transmission fluid heat exchanger. The intercooler interference issue is best addressed by installing an aftermarket high-clearance intercooler such as the one from Mishimoto, available from Lobo Off-Road. The heat exchanger part of the equation is handled by this relocation kit from Lobo Off-Road.

This kit comes with the necessary brackets to securely and elegantly reposition the factory heat exchanger up and out of the way, to provide room for a winch to be installed within the HNT Hidden Winch Skid. It also includes brackets to safely reposition brake and water lines without bending or kinking them. All components are fabricated from CNC cut and bent plate steel with a black powder coat finish, and quality hardware is included.

You will need:

Detailed instructions are still being written but here are the basic steps for installing the Lobo Off-Road HNT Hidden Winch Skid into your Bronco with a 2.7L engine:

  1. install the Mishimoto High Mount intercooler kit.
  2. Replace existing brake line and water hose mounts with the ones provided in this kit.
  3. Trim 1 water line that is going to water pump.
  4. Cut the steel frame horns off of the front of the crossmember (1 on each side of heat exchanger).
  5. Cut off the factory heat exchanger mounts (leave a 1/8” -.250” of the mount to be a register for locating the new mounting bracket.
  6. Install the Skid Plate Mounting Brackets that came with the HNT Hidden Winch Skid.
  7. Center the provided Heat Exchanger Mount (from this kit) across the Skid Plate Mounting Brackets, and drill a hole in the gusset section of each bracket (where the factory intercooler was previously mounted). Use the provided hardware to install the Heat Exchanger Mount.
  8. Mount the OE heat exchanger into the Heat Exchanger Mount.
  9. Mount winch into the HNT Hidden Winch Skid and run cables/wires.
  10. Install the HNT Hidden Winch Skid onto the Bronco.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 10 × 6 in


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