HNT Rock Sliders | Bronco 2-Door | Aluminum

  • High-N-Tight (HNT) Design Ethos
  • 3/16″ aluminum plate construction
  • CNC laser cut, brake-formed, fixture welded for precise fit and finish
  • Inner “Backbone” for structural strength
  • Attaches to body tub for very high clearance
  • Very robust mounting system to securely attach, brace and evenly spread load
  • A fraction of the weight of steel rock sliders
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.


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We’ve designed our HNT Rock Sliders to conform to our HNT Design Ethos which leans heavily on the side of high clearance and light weight, to protect your Bronco while hindering it’s progress through tough obstacles as little as possible. These sliders are designed to tuck up as closely to the Bronco’s body rocker panels as possible while still providing rock slider and door protection. In designing our ultimate rock slider we fully evaluated whether to attach it to the Bronco’s frame via outriggers and frame mounts. Ultimately we decided against it because we felt that the cost in ground clearance and undercarriage snag points wasn’t worth it. Instead we focused on engineering the best way to make an ultra low profile (i.e. “High-N-Tight”), body mounted rock slider. The result is a design that we believe is the strongest, most robust and versatile body mounted slider system on the market.

We realized that the factory slider mounting points were barely adequate, especially in dealing with the leverage of a slider that has any sort of a rock rail protrusion to it. So we designed all new, multiple mounting brackets and an inner backbone structure that engages along the entire length of the Bronco’s rocker area and pinch weld flange. The backbone structure bears the forces of any hits from the rocks and dissipates that load over the entire length of the rock slider, not just at a couple of pinpointed mounting bolts. This strategy greatly increases the rock slider’s ability to absorb and deflect hits without the focused damage to the fastener locations that normal body mounted rock sliders can inflict. The outer shell of the HNT Rock Slider fits over the Backbone structure to provide a sleek, faceted slider surface that protrudes slightly outward to protect the Bronco’s body and doors from vertical rock faces or trees.

We also decided to make the HNT Rock Slider out of aluminum for weight savings. Coming in at a fraction of the weight of comparable steel rock sliders, making it much easier for your Bronco to find traction and pull itself up and over obstacles with less stress and possible breakage of drivetrain and suspension components. Light weight is almost a religion to off-roaders who know what excessive weight can do to equipment and the hindrance it can cause on the trail. While aluminum isn’t quite as robust a material as steel, we’ve made up for it in design, with internal gusseting, strategically placed bends and the integration of the Backbone internal structure.

These HNT Rock Sliders are made mostly of 3/16″ thick aluminum plate, CNC laser cut, precision brake-formed, and professionally fixture welded for a consistent fit and finish. Premium hardware and detailed installation instructions are included. They are available in raw aluminum with exposed welds or a durable multi-stage light-textured black powder coat finish or our Mica Armor Coat (see below).


This Lobo Off-Road product is available with our durable Mica Armor Coat finish. Mica Armor Coat is a super durable polyester powder coat finish with excellent weather resistance properties for high performance and architectural applications. It has built-in UV resistance to reduce fade over time, which is especially important for vehicles that spend their time outside and on the trail rather than in the garage. This polyester powder coat is thicker and more durable than typical coatings, better able to resist scuffs, scratches and chipping. Mica Armor Coat is dark gray in color, almost black, with a light 3D Metallic flake (see Finish close-ups in Image Gallery). Please allow up to two weeks additional lead time for Mica Armor Coat.


LOBO Off-Road’s proprietary High-N-Tight Design Ethos guides the product development of this and every component in our HNT Series. The HNT Ethos strives to tuck every facet of the bumper, slider, skid or component as close as possible to the vehicle components it protects, in order to yield the maximum clearance possible to slip past the tightest obstacles. While HNT Series components are built to take a hit if necessary, they are designed to minimize the risk of contact in the first place. HNT design language also incorporates low-drag surfaces with ramp angles and facets for guiding the vehicle up and over obstacles when contact is made, rather than hanging up on sharp corners and protrusions. While the HNT Design Ethos is silent on the subject of aesthetics, we believe that adhering to the High-N-Tight philosophy has the unintended consequence of yielding the best looking armor products possible.

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 76 × 17 × 16 in

Black Powder Coat, Mica Armor Coat, Raw (Uncoated)


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