Crash Bar Erase & Brace Kit | Bronco

  • Eliminates bulky crash bar and body mount pedestals
  • incorporated triangulated front bumper mounting plate gusset
  • Provides clearance for large tires 37″+
  • Allows tire access to extreme obstacles when used with high clearance bumpers
  • Integrated high clearance body mounts
  • Brace Plates for both outer and inner sides of frame rail
  • Weighs less than the OE parts it replaces
  • Does not lower or interfere with skid plate/intercooler mounts
  • Replaces bumper nut plates with replaceable 10.9 nylock nuts in provided nut plate
  • Grade 10.9 mounting hardware
  • Durable fine texture black powder coat
  • Fits all 2021+ Bronco models including Bronco Raptor
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.




Available to order -- lead time may apply

The Lobo Off-Road Erase & Brace Kit combines several important functions into one well-designed package. First, it replaces the bulky factory crash bar and body mount pedestal with a sleek, high-clearance design that allows clearance for larger tires as well as cleaning up the aesthetics of running a high clearance bumper. Second, the kit incorporates robust front bumper bracing to fully strengthen the bumper against hard hits, winch pulls, and the forces of flat towing. And it does all of this at a net weight savings compared to the OE components it replaces.

Those who run high clearance front bumpers, including the HNT and WNC bumpers from Lobo as well as other manufacturers, have found that the stock crash bar mounts hang below the bumper’s outboard wings, even with the crash bars themselves removed. This can be both visually unappealing and defeat the purpose of choosing a high clearance bumper that gives the front tires increased access to grip and climb rocks and steep obstacles. The stock crash bar mounts can also impede larger tires (37″+) when turning to full-lock. The Erase & Brace Kit completely eliminates the stock crash bar and body mount assembly in favor of a high clearance body mount system that is faceted on the lower corners to further improve trail clearances.

Bronco owners with winch-mounted bumpers, or bumper-integrated recovery points or who flat-tow by connecting directly to the bumper have been discovering that the Bronco’s factory bumper mounting plates aren’t quite up to the task of withstanding these forces, especially from all angles. The Erase & Brace Kit incorporates complete bumper mount strengthening by rigidly tying the Bronco’s OE bumper mounting plates into both sides of the frame rails. But this is more than a thicker metal backing plate. The kit uses triangulation and leverage to completely immobilize the bumper under extreme forces. Triangular gussets resist side-to-side forces seen during winch pulls and recoveries. The length of the Brace Kit, which extends down the frame rail and past the front body mount, provides the leverage to keep the bumper from twisting off the front of the Bronco under hard hits when dropping off ledges or vertical pulls by the winch or recovery efforts.

The Erase & Brace Kit includes braces for both the inner and outer side of the frame rail as well as beefy Grade 10.9 hardware. The included bumper mount nut plates also use 10.9 hardware and allow for bumpers that mount with either through-bolts or captured studs. And though the brace components are made entirely of beefy 3/16″ plate steel, their compact design and thoughtful engineering results in a slight decrease in net weight compared to the OE crash bar mounts they replace. These components are CNC laser cut, precision brake-formed, fixture welded and powder coated black for a great fit and finish on all models of 2021+ Bronco, including Bronco Raptor.

Installation is easy and can be performed by most DIY’ers with a floor jack and common tools. The brace kit is a simple bolt-on installation but the stock crash bar pedestal must be cut off using a reciprocating saw.


Thanks to our friend Corbin at Weekends & Waypoints for this Installation and Review Video:

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 13 × 5 in

1 review for Crash Bar Erase & Brace Kit | Bronco

  1. Mark Kunzelmann (verified owner)

    I put these on my 2023 badlands with an ADD Bomber bumper. It was a relatively easy install. Make sure to use carbide blades on your Sawzall. I just loosened the bumper and was able to install. The parts were very high quality and fit and finish were perfect. I was also very impressed with the design. My bumper is now more firmly attached if I need to be pulled out of the mud. You can see pictures on the Bronco 6G forum if you search for Lobo Off Road.

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